About Us

A New Standard was born of necessity, but fueled by passion. With extensive experience in both the installation/labor and the sales aspect of the flooring industry, I saw some things I didn't like, and set out to change them.
Whether it be decorative, or purely functional, your floors are the back-drop on which your home life takes place. Often over-looked day to day, your floors are the constant, steady, reliable part of your home that adds depth and dimension to every room. Floors are essential, yet can be merely something to stand on, or the center-piece of your room. They can be "good enough" or they can transform your home.

A New Standard exists to transform your home. Flooring is an Art. Quality is an Art-form. Perfection is a habit. The secret to quality, is to Care. We put everything we have, everything we are, into every floor we do.